I brought my non-athlete miniature schnauzer Russell to Twin Cities Animal Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine with lameness in one of his back legs. Dr. Julia diagnosed a muscle strain and prescribed treatment and at-home stretches and strengthening, which had immediate (positive) effect. Russell is completely back to normal. I heartily recommend Twin Cities Animal Rehab Clinic.


Miniature Schnauzer Strained Quadriceps causing lameness June 2011 - Susan Weyrauch
The progress Jasper has made since she began seeing Dr. Tomlinson is nothing short of life-changing. For two years, Jasper endured a painful limp due to worsening tendonitis, and her entire left shoulder had become seriously affected. When we went to our first appointment, Jasper could only walk for a few minutes at a time, and her left shoulder appeared withered in comparison with her right. Dr. T did a combination of trigger point therapy, therapeutic laser, stretches and massage. Three months have passed, and Jasper is not only back to her regular daily walks, she is running again. Her limp is gone, and the muscle mass is returning. Dr. T. literally took Jasper’s pain away, giving her an improved life in return.


Greyhound Supraspinatus Tendinopathy May 2011 - Beth Rutledge
Mollie was unable to walk without significant pain and weakness due to a back injury and many other maladies in her joints. With the great help and knowledge of Dr Julia and her staff, Mollie was able to swim, fish, go for walks and have a great year! We can’t thank them enough and continue to recommend them. It brings us such peace knowing we have a group like this to go to as our other terriers get on in years. Thank you TC Rehab!


Fox Wire Terrier Acute Onset Paresis March 2011 - Cathy Anderson
Dr. Julia and her staff really saved my dog Daisy. After knee surgery, Daisy had a very difficult time returning to normal use of her leg. After a program of exercises prescribed by TC Rehab, Daisy has returned to her previous vigorous health!


Miniature Poodle Mix Post-surgery for Medial Patellar Luxation December 2010 - Anthony Bosca
My rescue Doberman, Griz was hit by a car prior to adoption. He had several surgeries, resulting in a metal rod in his femur with screws and a plate. I adopted him when he was ready for physical therapy. The rehab clinic with Dr. Julia Tomlinson and all of the staff were very good with Griz and myself during the water treadmill and all of the exercises. Griz now loves to run in our backyard and is in agility classes.


Doberman Post-surgery for Fractured Femur August 2010 - Gary Nelson
Wanted to let you know (and thank you) that we did it! Aisin has been strong all summer--strong enough to train and ultimately attain a Mondio Ring 3 title. Andolf von Hess (Aisin) is the first doberman in North America and the second in the world to be able to attain this title. Pretty cool. Our first opinion wanted to operate and keep him as a dog that gets only walks, but you helped him regain his regular “lifestyle” and attain an enormous goal. People comment frequently how strong he looks.


Doberman Neck pain and Arthritis April 2009 - Maureen Haggerty
My name is Chloe. I am a Sheltie, 13 1/2 years old. Several years ago, I developed arthritis in my front legs. I tried many kinds of pain pills and even a series of shots (ouch!). None of these were very effective. I couldn’t even go on very short walks, and my people were very worried. Then we heard about cool laser treatments at Twin Cities Animal Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine. Dr. Julia, Betty and Jenny have taken very good care of me! I come once a month for a quick treatment and take no pain medication! I enjoy my daily walks and am feeling - and looking - great in my “golden years!” PS They also give awesome treats after each treatment :-)!


Sheltie Hyperextended Carpi and Severe Arthritis October 2008 - Chloe Vandersall