Our Staff

Dr. Julia

Dr. Julia Tomlinson BVSc MS PhD DACVS CCRP CVSMT is a board certified specialist in rehabilitation and sports medicine (Diplomate, ACVSMR); she was the first such canine specialist in the state of Minnesota and is currently ( in 2015) one of 62 canine sports medicine and rehabilitation specialists in the world. She is president-elect of the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. 

Dr. Tomlinson earned her veterinary degree from the University of Liverpool, England. She practiced equine sports medicine and surgery (DACVS equine surgery) prior to pursuing her interest in working with small animals and so brings skills from the world of horse sports. Her Master’s degree in ultrasound of the equine sacroiliac joint gave her skills that she uses today in imaging muscles and tendons to help diagnosis. She has a PhD in physiology from NC State, where she studied pain medications, and she is also a Certified Veterinary Spinal Manipulative Therapist (animal ‘chiropractic’ equivalent).

Dr. Tomlinson lectures nationally and internationally at conferences for veterinarians and is a consultant in musculoskeletal wellness for the pet food industry.

Dr. Tomlinson founded the American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians in 2007. She is responsible for keeping the veterinary association members up to date on scientific studies in the field of sports medicine, rehabilitation, surgery, pharmacology and nutrition. She is also an active member of the Canine Sports Medicine Association and the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management.

Dr. Tomlinson has a special interest in sports medicine, healthy aging and management of chronic pain. She lives with her canine and human family in Minneapolis, where she enjoys running and motorcycling.

Dr. Amy

Dr. Amy Whaley CCRP is our associate rehabilitation veterinarian. Dr. Whaley received a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science in 2000 and a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2004 from the University of Minnesota. She is also a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner (CCRP) and is certified in stem-cell regenerative therapy. She is interested in sports and fitness and lives with her husband and her dog, Porter.

Dr. Raeyna

Dr. Raeyna Longtin provides acupuncture for our patients . Dr. Longtin attended undergraduate school at Illinois Wesleyan University and graduated in 1992 with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology. She then graduated from the University of Minnesota’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1996. In 1999, Dr. Raeyna completed her training with IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society), qualifying her to perform acupuncture on pets. This has benefited her patients greatly in the areas of pain management, anxiety, and many others where “western” medical techniques can be less effective. She is also the owner and operator of an in-home pet care service, True Companions Vet Van.
Dr. Raeyna lives with her husband Shane, daughter Jordan, dogs Tuba, Percy, and Hildi, and cats Caliente, Sweetie, and Mister Moby Cat.


Jenny Newgard is our office manager and veterinary assistant. She has been with TC Rehab since it opened in 2007. She is originally from northern Minnesota and now lives in Minneapolis. She is a dog and cat person and has two cats, Cubby and Zelda. Prior to TC Rehab, she worked in journalism and animal care and administration at the Humane Society for Companion Animals.


Betty Waalk is a Certified Veterinary Technician who brings 23 years of experience to our clinic. Betty loves dogs but has a particular interest in cats. She lives in Vadnais Heights with her husband, two children, two cats (Rufio and Peter), dog (Horus), two guinea pigs, and two fish. Betty is currently pursuing certification as a rehabilitation assistant (CCRA); her interest in this field was sparked when her own rescue cat needed our services.


Samantha Machovsky is a Certified Veterinary Technician who graduated from the Minnesota School of Business in June 2012 with a degree in veterinary technology. She began as an intern here at TC Rehab is now with us on staff Monday through Friday. She lives in St. Paul and has two dogs, Mozart and Dizzy, two rats, and a guinea pig named Jerry Garcia.


Megan Nelson is a Certified Veterinary Technician who graduated from Argosy University in 2012. She has special interests in behavior and nutrition. She currently has two English Springer Spaniels named Bailey and Gabby (pictured), as well as two cats, Rascal and Rasza. Megan greatly enjoys training her dogs to compete in obedience and tracking in her spare time.